Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a Start!

There are way to many blogs in this world... so what's the harm in creating one more? I hope this one will be fun and sporadically informative on the topics of Kids' Music, Early Childhood Education, and General Silliness.

I'm Nick Deysher, musician, producer, teacher, artist, renaissance man, and big kid. In 2002 I founded a music production company. In The Nick of Time Music was established to create music for all forms of chidlren's media. After two years of teaching in preschools, I felt there was a lack of quality music for children and parents to enjoy together. This was my challenge. I've since discovered many talented, smart and dedicated musicians and groups working in the genre. There are others out there trying to bring a bit of true artistry to the kids' music scene. 

This is the inaugural post of Singing in The Bathtub, a little nudge to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping to begin album reviews with my test audience (my students) as the school year begins. Stay tuned (or whatever one does on the internet) for the next edition of Singing in the Bathtub when I count down the Top Ten Greatest Kids' Albums of All Time!

kid quote of the day: "My mom gives me pears, 'cause pears make me poop!" ~Jeffery (age 3)


Unknown said...

This is fantastic! Love your fav album list too! Especially the YoYo -Bobby one, Hush. I still think you should include your new cd in there, since it is one of my favorites, as well as my family's.


Anne Deysher said...

I agree about "Hush". We play it at my preschool, and it's enjoyable for both children and teachers. I urge you to add "Coconut Groove" as well. Our families all love it for the car listening.

Anonymous said...

Will the title of the blog be the future title of new song or album? I'm ready for songs for bathtime!

Great blog!

Anne Deysher said...

I've had feedback from my nursery school parents already who were delighted to know that Medeski, Martin, and Wood have a children's album and who said they had never thought to introduce their children to the Beatles. This is a nice way for families to learn some new ways to include music in their children's lives. Thanks, and keep it up!

Nick! said...

Hi all! In response to Coconut Grove Fan... Good suggestion! One album that didn't quite make the cut is John Lithgow's "Singing in the Bathtub." Great album and great title track. I doubt I could top his wonderful big band arrangements, but I could come up with some tub songs of my own.