Thursday, May 14, 2009

... And We're Back

Greetings fellow bathtub singers. It's been almost a month since I have posted, and with a little bit of time this afternoon, I figured I needed to dive back in before the motivation is gone.

Recently, I have been reading a book called Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street by Michael Davis. When it says "A Complete History," they are not joking. I am 200 pages in and the first episode only just aired! It's been tough to get through the first few chapters, but I have gained a new sense of respect for what went into creating this, now, archetypal show.

It has gotten me thinking about a myth in the world of kids' music, one which I, myself, have perpetuated. "Young, upstart, children's musician turns the world of kids' music on it's head by writing popular music that both parents and children enjoy together," it's a common theme in human interest pieces on the latest and greatest new kids' artists. I have heard everyone from Ralph Covert, Steve Songs, The Recess Monkeys, The Jimmies and Dan Zanes described in this fashion. I even bought into this myth and marketed myself accordingly.

The fact is, that's just not true. The first episode of Sesame Street aired in 1969, and the music was ground-breaking! Joe Raposo and Chris Cerf have been doing rock and roll kids music since the Woodstock days!

We, the new-wave of kids' artists aren't doing anything extraordinary or fresh for that matter. For every Raffi, Barney, Greg and Steve or The Wiggles who have come on the scene with their sanitized, syrupy sweet brand of kids' songs, there have been folks like Raposo and Cerf, Bill Harley, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon (just to name a few) who have made recordings for kids' without compromise.

I have always tried to pay homage to my influences. That is one of the biggest missions of Singing in the Bathtub. I guess I need to be honest with myself, my music isn't ground-breaking. It isn't going to turn the world of kids' music on it's head. My goal is the same now as it has always been, make music that is fun and that I like as a grown up then write words that will enthrall, entertain and inspire the smaller set.

Kid Quote of the Day: "Look Mr. Nick, I lost my tooth... well I really didn't loose it, it just came out when I was eating soup!" ~Mia (age 5)

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Anne Deysher said...

Ground breaking or not, I had a mother compliment me today on your CD and that they listen to it all the time, and your Dad sold 4 more today! People enjoy it!