Saturday, October 17, 2009

State of the Art 2-D

I have the pleasure today to review The Jimmies latest DVD of concert footage, music videos and a behind the scenes documentary, entitled Trying Funny Stuff. There is even a bonus live CD that accompanies the DVD, how can you go wrong?

I have not had the pleasure of seeing the Jimmies perform live, and this DVD is the next best thing. "On a hot summer day, The Jimmies rocked New York City," the opening titles read, but I am glad that they chose to open with "Cool to Be Uncool." I love this song, even if no one in South Florida quite gets it. If the Jimmies are coming to your town, you should definitely bring the whole family, if not the concert portion of the DVD gives a good idea of the fun and excitement that is a JImmies show.

Many of the music videos on the DVD can be seen on the Jimmies website: Directed by Michael Slavens and produced by Five Eyed Films the Jimmies music videos are top notch. There is a kooky sense of humor that runs through everything that the Jimmies do right down to the packaging of the DVD which includes little one-liners like "In State of the Art 2-D."

The real gem on this DVD to me is the behind the scenes "documentary" about the making of the music videos. It is an in-depth and humorous look at the hard work the Jimmies and Slavens put into each of their videos. In a 2 minute music video it's easy to miss all the time that went into lighting hundreds of candles to emulate firelight, making a dress out of cotton balls, or constructing a set out of candy!

The Mike Brady Wrap-up: Once again, I think DVD's are key for kids' musicians. With so many mini-vans having flip-down screens, popping in Trying Funny Stuff seems like a sure fire way to keep the little ones entertained on long trips, and the adults bopping to the music while they drive.

The Jimmies are hip, humorous and clever and Trying Funny Stuff highlights all of these qualities. As an aspiring kids' music artist, I appreciate catching a glimpse at the hard work that went into making their videos. Anyone who has made a diorama for school will enjoy the creativity of the Jimmies. Do your family a favor and pick up this DVD!

Kid Quote of the Day: "Do you want to tell me what your Halloween costume will be, or is it a surprise?" Nick asked in his music class. "It's a surprise and it's Wolverine." ~Edward (age: 4)

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Anne Deysher said...

This sounds great! I am not a big fan of flip down DVD players in minivans, but I know they are a staple for families, so there might as well be good entertainment going on.
Isn't it funny about children and secrets? Of course not all adults do much better. We're just not as honest about it!