Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiny Cool

Today's album up for review is Princess Katie and Racer Steve's latest CD, "Tiny Cool." The genre name "Kindie" is getting more traction these days. My dad sent me an article on the local CBS station's website up in Boston using the term. I bring this up because, Princess Katie and Racer Steve might have the "Kid" part down, but there is nothing "Indie" about this album.

They have their personas down, the music is slickly produced, and the artwork for this CD and their website reminds me of a lot of the newer cartoons on Nickelodeon. Is it only a matter of time?

Racer Steve is billed as the "Eddie Van Halen of Kids' Music" I don't hear it personally, but I do feel that fans of the Go-Go's would really get into these two. I was playing the "who does she sound like?" game with Princess Katie's voice and it was my lovely wife who brought up Belinda Carlisle. That's it!

This album runs the gambit musically. There is a decidedly Latin influence on tunes like "Clelia's Party" and "The Rock Bossa." They dip their toe in the funk hot tub a bit in the title track. My favorite part of this album are the horns. They are expertly played and arranged. Two words: Bari Sax! They throw in a skit here and there which I always like.

The Mike Brady Wrap-up: In the article my dad sent to me, they reported that sales of kids' music was up 40% from 2007 to 2008! Just in the blog alone, I have highlighted loads of artists trying to make the scene. In the case of Princess Katie and Racer Steve, here are two folks that are bringing a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour to a traditionally grass-roots musical genre.

Kid's Quote of the Day:
"I have a lots of mojito bites" ~anonymous (age: 4) quoted from Facebook (thanks Charmaine!)

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