Saturday, December 27, 2008

On The Third Day of Christmas...

Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Despite my best intentions to post a new, Christmas edition of Singing in the Bathtub, I am just now finding a spare moment to sit, reflect and write.

The lead up to our escape from Miami and return to MA for the Holidays has been something of a wild ride. As some of you may know the Arts Academy of Hollywood has fallen upon hard times. Before the winter break it was unclear what the future would hold for the school, it's students and it's teachers and staff. Fortunately, the school was granted a temporary reprieve by the property owner, the town is trying to come up with a way to find funding, and generous donors are stepping in to help keep AAOH afloat. I hear there is going to be an article in the Miami Herald this Sunday, so the press is also pitching in to bring attention to the issue. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Now, on to the Mistletoe and Merriment! It has been a joy to share this holiday season with family and friends. Tracey and I are blessed to have both our immediate families in same general geographic location. We missed Alison, Eric and the Wee Miles (who traveled to Cleveland this year), but were grateful to spend Christmas with Tracey's Aunt Sally and Grandma Ruth who made the trip up from D.C. We were also blessed to see brother David (Li'l D.) on break from the Circus which is now enjoying a stint in Montreal, the circus capital of the world. Cheers Birdhouse Factory!

One great joy this year has been the music that we have shared. The Freitags attended the yearly sing-along in Potomac MD with piano virtuoso Silvard. His ephemeral tones (from his new Holiday CD) have been dancing through the house ever since. At the Deysher residence, my mother has been wearing out her copy of Yo-Yo Ma's latest offering, Yo-Yo Ma and Friends, Songs of Joy and Peace. My personal pick for Christmas soundtrack is the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas by jazz piano legend Vince Guaraldi, followed closely by, A Christmas Together: John Denver and the Muppets. You can't top the classics!

One favorite memory from Christmas day was our sing-along around the piano after dinner. Ruth and I shared the piano playing, and by the end we had almost everyone chiming in. My New Year's resolution... to practice some Christmas Carols so I can be a better accompanist!

Kid Quote of the Day: "Who is that guy?" ~ Cousin Jonathan (age 9), "I'm your cousin Nick."

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Anne Deysher said...

Wonderful memories indeed! What a lovely photo of Grandma Ruth and Tracey at the piano. There is nothing like singing around a piano (after playing crazy drawing games). Who needs Play Station?!