Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Well Hath Run Dry

I like to imagine that there are a countless other children's artist who read this blog and they are all clamoring to send me their music. Sadly, I do go through spells where I run out of fun music to review. So here's another call to all those making music for "the smaller set" to send in your submissions to the Bathtub.

I have heard news coming down the pipe that two friends of the Bathtub (ShirLaLa and The Jimmies) are working to get new material out to their fans. I was invited to ShirLaLa's CD release in NYC on September 13th, but I am going to miss it by a week (I guess seeing U2 the week after instead isn't that bad). Her new album "Earth Worm Disco" is set to "drop" on the 7th of next month, so if you are having the back to school, Labor Day blues better get your copy.

As for the Jimmies, Ashley and crew have made the trek to sunny SoFLo to record their latest CD. I saw Ashley and her mother/our neighbor Arlyn strolling around the neighborhood, and the thought of new Jimmies music got me really excited. I know from personal experience that the recording process always takes longer than planned, but I'll keep all my faithful readers up to date on all the Jimmies news that is fit to print. 

With preschool out of session, I was getting down to the bottom of the barrel on my kid quotes. I was about to recycle some email forward, kids say the darndest things style quotes sent to me by my Mom-in-law Ginna, but I heard a real loo-loo today so hear goes:

Kid Quote of the Day: "So you can see that the middle C is on a line and the D is in a space," I said pointing to the sheet of music. "The D is in space? In outer space?" my young student asked with a broad smile. "No, not in space, in a space." I replied. ~Pablo (age: 6)

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Anne Deysher said...

I enjoyed reading about upcoming new music to anticipate. Out here in the field we really don't get to hear about what's new. Thanks for keeping your antennae up on our behalves.
In regards to Pablo (a rich source of quotes), aren't children literal!?