Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Razoo! is Candian for Dance Party

School is winding down, the "armpit" weather has settled in over SoFlo and it's about time I started tackling the pile of CD's that followed me home from Kindiefest. I'm going to kick things off with a review of Splash n' Boots' new CD, Razoo!

I met this husband and wife team on my first day at Kindiefest. From the great white north, these two are making a splash (pun intended) as "Canada's Children's Music Group of the Year!"

Razoo! is a fun and tuneful collection of songs. Nick and Taes harmonize well together, and Nick's acoustic guitar lays the foundation for the rich arrangements on the CD (including everything from accordion to vibroslap).

I popped the CD in on the ride home from the airport and Tracey's first comment while listening to the song "Nature Sings" was, "This sounds like Rent." There is a theatrical quality to Splash n' Boots' music, and a beautiful choir backing them up. I am partial to some of their more rollicking songs like "Morning," "Razoo!" and "Barnyard Hardcore." This is music that puts a bounce in your step and makes you want to dance.

Okay... now for my obligatory Canadian jokes. Nick and Taes prove the old addage that Canadians are like Americans but more polite. It's fitting that in their "Superhero" song he is "generous and polite." It also made me smile to read in their liner notes, "We can't thank you enough... well one more wouldn't hurt- Thank You!!!!!!"

The Mike Brady Wrap-up: I played Razoo! for my after school class and it was a big hit. Sadly with this young crowd, it's hard to illicit comments beyond "I like it," or "It is good." I miss the elementary aged reviewers from the Arts Academy. I did however manage to have the kids sit down and draw some pictures based on the music they heard. This particular drawing was from a 5 year old girl who loved the song "Nature Sings." She took the time to learn how to write both Nick and Taes's names which is high praise from a 5 year old!

It was nice to meet Splash n' Boots and to listen to Razoo! On a rainy summer day, when it's too wet to play outside you and your family might wanna join the Razoo, which I think is Canadian for "Dance Party."

Kid Quote of the Day: "Here you go Henry. This is the sound we're after," I said as I played through Henry's piano piece. "You mean you are chasing a sound?" ~Henry (age: 5)

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Anne Deysher said...

I like the visual review of Nick and Taes! It must be happy music, and as for Henry - kids are so literal, aren't they!?!
You must have the best library of kids' music!