Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing a Little Song

I was looking through my list of yet-to-be-reviewed CD's which always makes my head spin a bit. I wasn't sure what I'd pick up to pop in and play, but then I remembered that I received not one but two copies of Brian Vogan's latest release Sing a Little Song with a kindly note that read "Free Giveaway CD!! :)" This made me excited since this will be a first for Singing in the Bathtub. Details on the giveaway will be at the end of this post....

I was immediately drawn to this CD's Eric Carle-esqe cut-out style illustrations. Upon listening to it, I was pleased to hear that the music captures a similar cheerful mood. At it's core this album has a solid folk-rock sound. It ranges from more traditional acoustic songs like "How to Fly" to tunes like "Wash Your Hands" with a harder edge, and even some Elvis-inspired, blues ("One Tiny Little Frog") for good measure.

Vogan's voice is deep and dry and whether harmonizing with himself or with his "Good Buddies" (as he calls his back up band) this CD features some great vocal performances. "Tow Truck" is entirely a cappella but you won't miss the instruments! For my money, "Cross The Street" is the best tune on the album, it has a nice, almost hypnotic, groove and some tasty vintage keyboards and chiming guitars. There are even some street sound effects to get those little imaginations churning.

The Mike Brady Wrap-up: Both Tracey and I were trying to figure out how to describe Brian Vogan, or whom his music reminded us of. I hear hints of alt-rock groups like Magnetic Fields or Wilco. Every now and then, his voice reminds me of They Might Be Giants. A lot of care and thought went into the production of this album. Each song has it's own vibe and the arrangements are dense, but not overwhelming. The imagery and lyrics are perfect for the preschool/elementary crowd and leave you with a smile. All around, it's been a nice way to spend an early Friday evening listening to Sing a Little Song!

On to the good stuff...
As I mentioned this is Singing in the Bathtub's inaugural CD giveaway. I have participated in giveaways from the other end, so I will try and learn from other blogs who have raffled off my music. In order to be entered into the drawing please send an email to:

Your email should include your name and address and the answer to the following questions (which can be found on Brian Vogan's website):

1) In what city does Brian Vogan live?
2) How many albums has he released and what are they called?
3) What was written in his latest Facebook
update? (you can "Like" him too)

Again, this is the first time we've done a giveaway so I'll have to see how many entries I receive. I will post the winner and describe the selection process in my next post. Stay tuned!

Kid Quote of the Day: "How come your chin hair is golden Mr. Nick?" ~Brady (age: 4) "I guess that's just how it grows," I replied.

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Anne Deysher said...

What a nice, comprehensive review. I will have to explore this CD further. I am especially interested in the a capella selection. I know a grandson who would love the song topics!