Friday, September 24, 2010

Time Out To Rock

Today's album review is for The Not-Its' latest CD Time Out To Rock. This is a group that I have heard of but not heard until today. I am glad that in the kids' music industry physical CD's still sell pretty well. This gives me the chance to enjoy the albums' liner art. I really like the visual style of Time Out To Rock there is a sixties pop art feel that illustrates the various songs held within.

The music as well evokes an earlier time, though not sixties pop, but 70's and 80's punk and what would later be called alternative. There's a stripped-down, bare-bones approach to the mixes with a healthy dose of fuzzy guitars. I hear hints of early Talking Heads, Patty Smith, maybe even a bit of the B-52's and R.E.M. There are a couple of more down tempo numbers on Time Out To To Rock (towards the end), tunes like Only Kids Can See and Hollow tree have some acoustic sweetness. Lead singer Sarah Shannon has a clear unadorned delivery. Bordering on wavery at times, the simple, honest delivery matches the stripped down production. You can listen to this album and imagine exactly what the Not Its sound like live (not that I have had the pleasure... yet).

The Mike Brady Wrap-up:
The Not Its were a new find for me, but the sound is nostalgic for me. It's not surprising to read that the Not Its have roots in Seattle's famous sub-pop label. I think fans of the "Seattle Sound" will feel the same pang for a time when music was simpler, maybe a bit rough around the edges but no auto-tune necessary. The title on this one says it all. If you are looking for a little "Time Out To Rock," look no further!

My Oprah Moment:
I am pleased to announce the winner today of Singing in the Bathtub's first CD giveaway. The lesson I learned was that I made this whole business needlessly complicated. Long story short, I numbered the entries as they came in, and using a random number generator Jenni was chosen! I will contact the winner directly... but wait there is more!

Many of the submissions I received asked about MY music and not Brian Vogan who so kindly offered his CD for this contest. So here is my Oprah moment. I am going to give a free copy of People, Places and Things to everyone who entered! "You get a CD, and you get a CD, and you get a CD!" It's not a car, or a ride to Australia on John Travolta's jet, but I hope all my loyal readers enjoy! I'll follow up with all the contestants to find shipping addresses etc. Thanks for entering!

Kid Quote of the Day: "How'd you do that?" Garrett asked as I started putting stamps on my students' hands. "Well, I open my ink pad, I put ink on my stamp, and I stamp it down, voila!" I replied as I put a red apple stamp on his hand. "How'd you do that?" ~Garrett (age: 3)


Ali said...

I like the Oprah moment--almost as much as I like your CD.

Anne Deysher said...

Congratulations to Jenni! Hey, Oprah started small, too...!