Saturday, October 25, 2008

Exclusive Myspace Release

Dear fans and friends, I wanted to let all my loyal blog readers know about an exciting and exclusive music release on Myspace. In the interest of promoting In The Nick of Time's upcoming album (tentatively titled "The Many Faces of Mr. Nick"), I have uploaded two singles from the album to my Myspace page.

The first is my tribute to Johnny Cash and the Florida Everglades entitled, "Alligator Sally."

The second is my tribute to the Ramones called "Punk Rock Vowels."

I hope you all enjoy! I hope to finish up and release the album sometime in 2009. Until then, this should wet your appetites.

Kid Quote of the day: "Wow, Mr. Nick, your legs are really skinny! How do you stand up?" ~Ava (age 4)

1 comment:

Anne Deysher said...

I like the graphics to Alligator Sally! People are awaiting your new stuff.
I saw the Bill Harley concert on PBS this afternoon, and it was wonderful. He is quite a talent.