Friday, October 10, 2008

The Mission

Recently, I've been fretting about my career, my personal goals and the direction my life as a musician and educator will take. Bogged down with the mundane, but very real concerns of these troubling times, I've allowed myself to loose sight of something fundamental: The Mission.

Why do I write these songs? Why do I labor to plan my lessons? Why do I spend the hours in traffic, or wear out my fingers playing the guitar for hours? It's not so I can make a name for myself (though I'd love to reach a wider audience). It's not to pay my mounting bills (for I could certainly choose a more lucrative field). It is in the service of children. 

I woke this morning to discover a wonderful documentary on A&E was being broadcast. It was an hour-long biography of Mr. Fred Rogers, and it came as a reminder to me of why I chose the path that has lead me here. His inspiration came from a sign engraved in the halls of his future wife's college dorm, "A Life is for Service." I hope that at the end of mine (as with his), that I can look back and feel that I have truly met this charge.

It is at times like these, when I face obstacles, sagging inspiration and general worry, that I look for powerful examples to show me the way. This small snippet from a US Senate hearing seems particularly appropriate:

I am touched by the way Mr. Rogers was able to melt the crusty shell of his disrespectful inquisitor. His words are as true today as they were when he delivered them, especially when you consider that this fight still continues to this day. As recently as 2006 year, PBS's funding has been in peril. It's a shame when politics allows us to loose sight of the true mission.

Concert Update:
This Sunday, The Arts Academy of Hollywood will be hosting the Health and Safety Showcase! I have been asked to be the M.C. on the main Harrison Street stage. My afterschool students will be giving a sneak-peak of their Halloween performance, and Tracey and I will be performing as In The Nick of Time! The event is from 1-5pm. It's free and should be a lot of fun.

Kid Quote of the Day: Here's a video response to Mr. Rogers' testimony that was posted on YouTube: ~ Lady Xeona (age 2)


Anne Deysher said...

It's past my bedtime, but I just had to touch base and say, that your discovery of Mr. Rogers's testimony is an answer to prayer for you. May there be more boosts to your heart and soul. Love, Mom

Mr. B-G said...

That's a pretty awesome clip of ole Fred. His calm and never-hurried demeanor in what must have been a stressful situation is testament to his professionalism.

As an adult, I find him a bit creepy. As a kid, he was my friend.