Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankgiving in for Sharing

Greetings all, and happy Thanksgiving. Tracey and I packed up the car (and the dog), and drove up to Atlanta to share Thanksgiving with our new nephew and family. It's been a fun trip, and it's amazing to see how Miles has grown and changed since we were here in August.

This morning we had a little impromptu sing along before a wonderful meal, and currently we're rubbing our tummies and feeling full and satisfied.

Wishing you a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving from Singing in the Bathtub!

Kid Quote of the Day: "Brrr, mmmbah." Miles (age 6 months)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Running Off to Join the Circus

Greetings fellow bathtub-singers! I am writing today from the basement of the New Victory Theatre in New York City. For the past two days I have been doing sound design and music mastering for a wonderful circus  company called "Cirque Mechanics." Their latest production called "The Birdhouse Factory," is set to open in Time Square this Thursday. Anyone who lives in the NYC area should come and check it out! It's a great, all ages performance.

By amazing coincidence Dan Zanes and Friends will be loading in after the show wraps the weekend of December 13-14. I met the crew (and my Brother-in-Law Dave) in Pittsburgh and helped them get ready sonically for their show yesterday at Penn State. It's been a busy few days of travel with little sleep, but it will be sad to head back to Miami to resume my usual life as a teacher/musician.

On an unrelated note, I played a concert for the Funtastic Friday event in Hollywood before leaving on my trip. After the show I was approached by a woman who runs a talent agency that focuses on the kids' b-day market called "All About Entertainment." This is really an answer to years of prayers for some help in the booking department.

Additionally, I'll continue playing the Funtastic Friday shows every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. I also have some shows coming up on the main stage in Hollywood's Young Circle Arts Park so stay tuned!

Circus Quote of the Day: "Without promotion something terrible happens... Nothing!" ~ P.T. Barnum