Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chanukah Fever

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Mama Doni's latest holiday CD Chanukah Fever. The big CD release event in New Jersey was two weeks ago, and now fans from around the globe can get their copy through the Mama Doni website.

Faithful readers of Singing in the Bathtub will remember Mama Doni from last year's Festival of Lights blog post. Her album I Love Herring which I reviewed last year is a collection of humorous Jewish themed songs which came with an EP of Chanukah songs (I Love Chanukah) all of which found a home on this full-length album. Admittedly, this music is not for everyone, but for all those of the Jewish faith who are already sick of Christmas music in November, this is album is for you!

If you can imagine a bit of the Bee Gees, a bit of Tone Loc, and a healthy dose of Mike Myers' "Coffee Talk" sketch from SNL you've got a good idea of the music on this album. With her new band and a year of progress, Chanukah Fever is a step forward for Mama Doni. It features the same irreverence and humor as her other albums, but with a more developed sound. Disco seems to be flavor of the month in kids' music (see: Can You Do The Hustle With No Arms or Legs?) , and the song "Chanukah Fever" has the funky vibe that will bring you back to the 70's complete with the white leisure suit. "Funky Gold Menorah" is a celebration of the hey-day of 80's rap.

The Mike Brady Wrap-up: Mama Doni may not be on everyone's Holiday CD list, but after singing The Dredel song over and over I'm sure my Jewish readers will be happy to have a copy of Chanukah Fever on hand.

For me it's exciting to be able to follow an artist as they grow and evolve in the Kids' Music scene. Mama Doni and her band are making great strides and recording silly, exciting music in the process.

Kid Quote of the Day: "Do you remember how to say 'Merry Christmas' in Spanish?" I asked my class before singing Feliz Navidad. "That's Dora!" ~Valentina (age: 3)