Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aloha means, "Hello," but also "Goodbye."

I am writing today after hearing some sad news. Alfred Shaheen, the creator of the "Aloha Shirt" (also known as the Hawaiian Shirt) has died at the age of 86.

When I first was trying to come up with a trademark look for my kids' music act, my mother-in-law Ginna kindly bought me an Aloha Shirt with guitars all over it. 

That trusty guitar shirt has served me well over the years (as well as several other Aloha Shirts in my collection). It's always a party when you've got an Aloha shirt on! Thanks Mr. Shaheen for your inspired clothing design and Aloha from Singing in the Bathtub.

Hawaiian Quote of the Day: Li`uli`u wale ka nohona i ka lâ o Hauola,
a holoholo i ke one o `Alio. (Long has one tarrried in the sunlight of Hauola and walked on the sand of `Alio: Hawaiian proverb said in praise of an aged person)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Sign of The Times

As a computer-musician and record producer, I have enjoyed the benefits of the steadily advancing technology that exists in our modern world. In just the past three years (since I started graduate school), I have seen a marked evolution in the products and software that makes the business of creating music almost too easy.

I guess it is a sign of the times, but I've been thinking lately about our trip to New England. Big D. (my father-in-law) was given a Nintendo Wii by his sister Sally for Christmas, as well as a Wii-Fit balance and fitness board to go along with it.
It was a blast playing the games and helping both my in-laws get set up to play in our absence (though I am still nursing some sore muscles in my shoulders). I was driving home from work the other day when an odd thought passed through my mind, 'I hope they're playing their video games!' What an odd twist of events for we, the Nintendo generation, to have such thoughts. 

I also had to opportunity to help my mother to set up her iPod and iTunes so that she can put new songs on, and take certain songs off (sorry Postal Service... you've been cut!). Upon returning to school on Monday, many of the kids were toting new spoils from the holiday season. One particular student was brandishing a new pink iPod. Scrolling through the songs, she proudly showed me that she downloaded some of Mama Doni's music that we listened to in class. Chanukah has passed, but I thought I would leave you today with a new music video from Mama Doni, "The Funky Gold Menorah":

Kid Quote of the Day: "I got a boo-boo on my hand, but it's heal-ding!" ~Miabella (age 4)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

At Any Age...

We Floridians, Tracey, Lucy and I, have been enjoying this taste of winter weather during our holiday vacation. We made it safe and sound out to Worcester last night where I played a decidedly non-kid-friendly show with Black River Sound as the fill-in bassist.

Today we've been enjoying a lazy New Year's Day consisting of yummy brunch, parade watching, warm cocoa, football games and SLEDDING! If you are ever in Westborough for the first real snow of the season, swing by my parents house and you'll find my mother in the backyard carving sledding trails. I won't be crass enough to share her age with the blog-o-sphere, but needless to say, the thought of my (now grandmother) mom and her plastic sled zooming down the hill makes me smile. Preschool teachers have a knack for staying young at heart, and this yearly tradition of my mother's certainly puts a child-like grin on her face.

Here is Lucy the snow dog chasing after scents and romping in the snow.

Here are the two snow bunnies just before hitting the slopes.

Mom and Me with sleds in hand.

Go Mom, Go!

Finally, we have some video of a great sled run by my mom. The whistling wind really adds to the excitement.

I am sure that there are many kids out there enjoying their new Wii's and Playstations, watching the new DVD's they got for Christmas or Chanukah, but I hope that despite the bitter 13 degree weather, we grown-ups aren't the only ones enjoying the slippery slopes!

Kid Quote of the Day: "How was the sledding?" Aunt Anne to Nephew Alex (age 12), "Good until Jonathan crashed into a tree!"