Thursday, January 1, 2009

At Any Age...

We Floridians, Tracey, Lucy and I, have been enjoying this taste of winter weather during our holiday vacation. We made it safe and sound out to Worcester last night where I played a decidedly non-kid-friendly show with Black River Sound as the fill-in bassist.

Today we've been enjoying a lazy New Year's Day consisting of yummy brunch, parade watching, warm cocoa, football games and SLEDDING! If you are ever in Westborough for the first real snow of the season, swing by my parents house and you'll find my mother in the backyard carving sledding trails. I won't be crass enough to share her age with the blog-o-sphere, but needless to say, the thought of my (now grandmother) mom and her plastic sled zooming down the hill makes me smile. Preschool teachers have a knack for staying young at heart, and this yearly tradition of my mother's certainly puts a child-like grin on her face.

Here is Lucy the snow dog chasing after scents and romping in the snow.

Here are the two snow bunnies just before hitting the slopes.

Mom and Me with sleds in hand.

Go Mom, Go!

Finally, we have some video of a great sled run by my mom. The whistling wind really adds to the excitement.

I am sure that there are many kids out there enjoying their new Wii's and Playstations, watching the new DVD's they got for Christmas or Chanukah, but I hope that despite the bitter 13 degree weather, we grown-ups aren't the only ones enjoying the slippery slopes!

Kid Quote of the Day: "How was the sledding?" Aunt Anne to Nephew Alex (age 12), "Good until Jonathan crashed into a tree!"

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Anne Deysher said...

It's okay - I'm 58, but as my brother Bob commented - 58 is the new 48. I really think 58 is the new 38...Fun in the snow knows no age, though. Lucy needed boots, though - too cold for her little paws!