Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't Let The Opportunity Pass You By...

Those who are close to me know that this Fall/Winter has been a trying time. The Arts Academy of Hollywood continues to limp along while the property owner has agreed to let us stay open rent free until March. I had planned to leave the school as of tomorrow, but at least for the time being I'll be teaching private lessons until the doors close for good.

The biggest heart-break that I had been dealing with was the knowledge that my beloved S.T.A.R. students would not be able to help me with my album reviews. I feel that having the kids' point of view made my reviews unique and helpful for the artists who submitted their work. Teaching has always provided me with direct market research for my music, I can tell instantly what works and what does not.

Life being unpredictable as it is, and my new school (the Live! School of Modern Music) not being able to offer me as many hours as I'd like, I will continue to work at the Arts Academy of Hollywood, and I hope to do as many album reviews as I can. HERE IS MY CALL TO ALL YOU ARTISTS OUT THERE!!

If you would like me to review your music in my classroom with my students, please send me your CD ASAP! Though my director seems to think that some miracle will happen, I would imagine that after March, I will not be able to incorporate the elementary school perspective into my reviews. Now is your chance, don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Kid Quote of the Day: "I want to move into school, so I can save on gasoline." ~Saddier (age: 9)


Anonymous said...

I have often thought of the same thing...moving in at school to save on gas. It's amazing that a 9 year old is thinking of these things.

Here's one from my school:
As explained to Cristal T...

"With Communism, people who graduate from college and people who drop out of high school both get $50. With Capitalism, people who graduate from college get like $100 and people who dropout are lucky to get $20." -Cristian L.

I hope there will be some miracle to keep you and music in your students's lives, but in the meantime, give them all you have everyday and hopefully the love of music will continue in them forever.

Anne Deysher said...

I'm sorry about the not very hopeful job news - for you and your students, too. I know what you mean about having that crucial and direct connection to students. Whenever I get discouraged and think about retiring, I think about how I would miss being able to connect with our families and the kids. I feel so passionate about continuing to learn what's best for children and in turn sharing that knowledge with families.
I hope that something will turn around for all of you.

Hi to teacher Maura, too!