Friday, September 3, 2010

...and we're back!

Well, the leisurely summer evaporated into that busy, new-school-year time. The dust is settling, my various school schedules are falling to place, my fall concert season is filling up, so it's time to get back to some good ole fashioned BLOGGING!

Since my last post Singing in the Bathtub has celebrated it's two year birthday! Looking back on the many exciting stories, album reviews and adventures that these two years have brought, I feel proud of this little blog that could. My shelves are stocked with so much great music, and my view of the world of kids' music has changed forever. Hopefully my readers are enriched with great new music as well, and the artists featured here are reaping the rewards.

One of my first posts was a top ten list of kids' music albums. Much of the music I featured in this list was from my own childhood (a good place to start). Have, since, discovered so many new artists and groups that I think it is time to do an updated top ten:

Singing in the Bathtub Top Ten Kids' Song 2008-2010

10) Where's the Music? ~Medeski, Martin and Wood
this album made it to my last top ten, but this song has become a staple in my classroom.

9) Educated Kid ~The Hipwaders
Seeing Tito and the Hipwaders perform this live at Kindiefest, and hearing the inspiration behind it gave me a new love for this tune.

8) This Is Your Body ~Baze and His Silly Friends
Raunchy blues/rock and sweet harmonies are what put this track on my list.

7) Time Goes ~King Pajama
Certain songs make my arm hair stand up. Jason's sweet piano playing and Nina's soulful voice get me everytime.

6) See You On The Moon ~Great Lake Swimmers
This is a cross-over hit from these Canadian alt-rockers. It was featured in a Honda commercial.

5) Walk Tall ~Ziggy Marley (feat. Paul Simon)
I feel like there's not much more to say than Paul Simon AND Ziggy Marley... c'mon!

4) New Shoes ~Recess Monkey
Anyone who knows me well knows my obsession with shoes. I recall sleeping with my brand new Air Jordans when I was 13. This song hits a sweet spot with yours truly.

3) Cool To Be Uncool ~The Jimmies
Another track from the original top ten. I love this song even if I only get to break out my jackets and sweaters 1-2 weeks out of the year here in SoFLo.

2) Superhero ~Tim and the Space Cadets
This song has a bit of an unfair advantage. The thing that really sold me on this one is the amazing video that Tim and the Space Cadets created on the streets of Brooklyn.

1) Let's Start Dancing ~The Flannery Brothers
This was a tough choice. It was between this one and The Flannery Bro's "The Wake-Up Song." I wasn't able to find a link to the latter so please enjoy!

Well that's the list folks. Please follow the links, sample the tunes and download them liberally. For just about $10 you could have an amazing mix of all these great tunes.

Kid Quote of the Day: "Mr. Nick why aren't you wearing the same clothes you were last time?" Arianna asked as we played with snap blocks in her classroom. "Well, it's a new day and I am wearing new clothes," I replied. "Okay friends, It's time to go to our music class," Mrs. Howell announced. "You better go get on your music clothes Mr. Nick!" ~Arianna (age: 4)


Anne Deysher said...

What good recommendations! I love compilation "albums". Oh, I guess that's called an iPod! I hope parents are paying attention!

Unknown said...

Hi, Nick! Looking forward to your opening the Kampong Kids concert series on October 16th! Thanks for the album recommendations! Vivianne Swietelsky

Jason Blechman said...

Thanks for the mention, Nick. Hope you're doing well. Happy Blog-day

Bath Tubs said...

Yeah, you are right. I am completely agree with you. My son Shawn used to sing four songs of your list which are "Where's the Music","Time Goes","New Shoes" and "Let's Start Dancing" in bathtub while taking bath. lol. His dream is to make his own band. I think your post is quite interesting. lol.

Nick! said...
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Nick! said...

Bath Tubs... Good Taste! You might just like my bath-time song: