Monday, December 26, 2011


A warm Hanukkah blessing to all my readers from "The Seven Tribes!" Three years ago I was introduced to, not one, but two Jewish themed kids' performers, Mama Doni and Shirlala. A niche market within a niche market. It was fun to hear some new and creative music to fill that ofted joked about void in Hanukkah music (South Park and Adam Sandler come to mind). Because, honestly, how often can one sing the Dreidel Song before going slightly crazy?

I was searching for something new to offer my readers this year (though picking up a copy of either Mama Doni or Shirlala's Hanukkah albums is a good choice), and a particular YouTube video has caught my eye and ears:

With programs like "The Sing Off," a cappella singing is experiencing a surge in popularity. No longer a musical oddity heard across college campuses, groups like the Maccabeats show how slick and current this ancient style of music can be. Obviously this video, and others by The Maccabeats, are not directed specifically at kids, but the way this video is filmed to show the various singers adding their voices to the mix is something to see and enjoy. (Parents should keep an eye out for cameos by Mylim Bialik, TV's "Blossom" and Barack Obama).

Kid's Quote of the Day: (sung in a russian accent) "We'll Hanukkah play the Eskimo way. Walking in the winter wonderland." ~ Kate (age: 7)

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Anne Deysher said...

Wow! I really like that. The song itself is catchy, and the visuals just add to the uplifting spirit of the song.