Monday, June 8, 2009

I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny...

An off hand comment made by one of my guitar students has been eating at me. Perhaps the wider internet community can help me figure out if this is true...

I was told that a member of the band Survivor (famous for the 80's classic "The Eye of the Tiger") left the group to enter the world of kids' music. I have searched high and low, but mostly at waist height where my computer resides, to find anything that might confirm this rumor. No luck!

I know that my little blog gets scarce traffic, but if there is anyone out there who knows about this, I would be grateful to hear some of this music. Can you imagine that? "Eye of the Tiger" only "kid-i-fied!" Now that's some music I would play for my students... wait a minute... there may be a song there.

Kid Quote of the Day:

Thanks PS22, you guys rock!

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Anne Deysher said...

I can't help with tracking down the "Eye of the Tiger"kidified, but I love the video of PS22 kids singing it in harmony! There are a number of potential American Idols there, I could see. The soloist was clear and true, too. It gave me chills! Yay kids!