Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where's Waldo? (and by "Waldo" I mean Dan Zanes)

Tracey and I watched the movie Revolutionary Road this weekend. A word of warning to all my 30 something readers who are going through career struggles, baby drama and/or a crisis of self-identity this movie might just put you over the edge!

Anyway... I bring it up because Tracey perked up during a dance hall scene about 2/3rds of the way through. "Isn't that Dan Zanes?" Sure enough he was the guitarist/ukulele player in the fictitious "Steve Kovac" band playing at the dance hall. He even got up and sang in a brief scene which clinched it. 

His wild salt and pepper hair was slicked back (making him look even more like Steve Martin), so I can't believe that Tracey picked him out, as he was only on screen for a flash. I wonder if he got to meet Leo and Kate? Call me jealous!

In the same day we went to see the movie Hangover (though we should have done it in the opposite order starting with the bummer and ending with a hilariously inappropriate romp). I mention this because there was a family in the theatre with children ranging from ages 4 to 9. Parents, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE. I was appalled! Didn't the title, the R rating and the Las Vegas setting clue these irresponsible people in that this was not a movie for kids? If you ever have any question about the content of a movie there are great sites like Kids in Mind that break down the sex/nudity, violence and profanity on a 1-10 rating (Hangover got a 10-7-10 rating respectively).

Okay, I'll climb down off the soap box for today.

MPAA quote of the day: "An R-rated film may include hard language, or tough violence, or nudity within sensual scenes, or drug abuse or other elements, or a combination of some of the above, so that parents are counseled, in advance, to take this advisory rating very seriously. Parents must find out more about an R-rated movie before they allow their teenagers to view it."

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Anne Deysher said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I am appalled that at most inappropriate movies, one can witness children present, and I know children at preschool will recount movies they've seen that they absolutely should not have seen. I don't think I am old enough to see many "R" movies! The movie we saw was "Star Trek" (rated PG-13). It had elements of humor and a story line that connects the characters with their later selves. It was fun and entertaining, but it still had more violence and cruelty than I am comfortable with. Most people would like it though, and Trekkie Bob was pleased. No little children were present...