Friday, September 26, 2008

Hodge Podge

I've been meaning to put out a new edition of Singing in the Bathtub for sometime now, but a minor, rear-end car accident at the beginning of the week has eaten up all my time. Both the car and I will be fine (after some body work), and thankfully AIG's woes haven't effected their ability to pay out on insurance claims. As a result, I am going to try and pack in a bunch of different topics that have been running through my head this week:

I heard a startling statistic on NPR's "All Things Considered," during my drive home today. On average, public school teachers spend $1,200 a year out of their own pockets to buy supplies for their classrooms. That's more than 5% of my starting salary as a preschool teacher! With budget cuts and short falls, the burden on teachers is getting worse. There are dedicated people and organizations who are trying to do something about it. If you have a chance, please visit Adopt -A-Classroom and see how you can help out a school in your area.

Digital Media and Kids' Music
Coming soon is a review of Hank Hooper's new CD called Playground Fortune Teller. I was contacted by BitWorks Music who are responsible for Hooper's multimedia digital distribution. They are working on the cutting edge of the digital music scene and for this release there are audio files, liner note images and an eBook to boot! I applaud this kind of innovation, but I'm not sure how appropriate it is for the kids' market. After the release of my first kids' album One Man Band, a fan and parent told me that her son slept with the CD case on his pillow. Having a tangible album to hold and appreciate is a powerful thing for the very young. Perhaps I am being a bit old fashioned (and a bit hypocritical since my own album is available on iTunes), but I feel that this generation will be plugged in enough as technology advances. In my classroom critique sessions, the kids jump at the chance to pass the CD around and inspect the cover art. With this in mind, I contacted Hank Hooper directly and he has offered to send me a hard copy. Until it arrives, here's a video from the album for you to enjoy:

For My Bean-Town Readers
If you read my review of Bill Harley's Yes To Running! DVD and CD, but have not had a chance to go out and get your copy... You're in luck! I received an email today from the Harley camp informing me that Boston's PBS affiliate (WGBH) will be airing Yes To Running! as a TV special on Saturday, October 25 from 3:30-4:30 and again on Sunday, October 26th from 11am-12pm. Set your TiVo's!

That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the Friday Hodge Podge! Stay tuned for information about next weekend's "Funtastic Friday For Kids" in Hollywood FL. Once I find out when I am playing I'll let you know!

Kid Quote of the day: "Wow, you were a very patient waiter today," (Nick praising a student). "I know, I practice!" ~ Kate (age 4)

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