Friday, September 12, 2008

Reach Out and Touch Somebody

The creation of this blog has been an amazing thing. As a mostly solo act, self-promoting, producing, and publicizing, I've often longed for a stronger community of children's performers. I've made some good friends who are also navigating the industry over the years, but not until I started Singing in the Bathtub did I feel like I was really connected to a community of fans, musicians and bloggers.

The Hipwaders take the early bird prize for having a CD in the mail to me within a week or two. In addition to their music, I was excited to receive the latest releases from #2 on my top ten album list, Bill Harley. His live CD and DVD, "Yes to Running!" came in the mail along with some flashy, promotional shoe laces (they're on my hiking boots).

You can get a little taste of Bill's live show on the Round River Production YouTube page. Here's the opening cut, "I Like To Sing."

I'm excited to be able to play them both in my classrooms. 

In the spirit of community and reaching out, I am putting out these calls:

A Call to Parents and Educators:
I'm reaching the bottom of my bag of Kid Quotes. I've heard thousands of gems, but alas haven't written many down. I'm always listening for new material, but it's tough. Please, send my any humorous quotations you may have, you just may see them close one of my postings.

A Call to the Young Fans:
I am looking for some sort of a logo that would accompany the title of my blog. I'd love some submissions of kids' art work with a "bathtub singing" theme. I'm hoping to get a lot of creative submissions, that way I can alternate between several the way that Google does.

There we go. The address is listed on the left of this page, or you can email submissions to Have at it! 

Kid Quote of the day: "When I'm done with Kindergarten, I'm going to find me a wife." ~ Tom (age 5)

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Anne Deysher said...

How great to see Bill Harley again! His humor and musicianship are so engaging and bring out the inner child in everyone who listens. It will be fun to listen whenever I need some light in my life.
I will try to take note of cute kids' sayings as I teach - promise!