Thursday, June 11, 2009

MORE THAN Halfway There!

Ever since Coconut Groove started selling online almost two years ago, I have been keeping track of where my music has wound up. There are those days when I feel like I'm just a small-fry in a big vat of oil when compared to folks like Dan Zanes or the Wiggles, but looking at a Google Map of my CD sales always perks me up a bit.

View CD Sales in a larger map

On iTunes, I have a number of sales in the UK and I have sold/sent copies to such far-flung destinations as Okinawa, Japan and Capetown, South Africa. The digital age of globalization is a boon for the self-promoting musician.

When I was checking the map today I noticed I have hit a milestone. I have sold my music in 25 of the 50 states! This gave me an idea for my first Singing in the Bathtub CD Giveaway!

The first person/family to contact me from the following states:

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Will receive a complimentary copy of Coconut Groove. There are only two requirements to enter the giveaway. 1) You write in and comment on my blog once you receive the CD to tell me how you like it, and 2) You tell 5 people in your area about the CD and direct them to if they are interested in purchasing a copy. Hopefully I can fill in the map before my next album, People, Places and Things is complete (sometime before this Fall) so I can repeat this success with my new music. Surprise me blog-o-sphere, help me make this dream a reality!

Also, if you have a copy of Coconut Groove, but you don't see your location listed on the map, drop me a line. One day the whole map will be filled with little blue markers!

I have had my first write-in giveaway contestant, and an addition to the map. Coconut Groove was purchased on MP3 in Virginia, and I am sending a copy to Wisconsin! 27 states and counting. Better get 'em while they're hot cause I'm taking In The Nick of Time nation-wide!

Kid Quote of the Day: "Africa is a country in Asia" (from a 6th grade Geography test)


Slacmc said...

Hey Nick,
We bought from (mp3 version) and we live in Virginia so go ahead and add it to your list!

Amy said...

HEY!!! I LIVE IN WI!!! If you still need someone from WI, I AM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick! said...

So I first saw these comments at work, and couldn't view the pics. Hi Stacy, Hi Amy! Thanks for helping my reach my goal!

Anne Deysher said...

How cool! Good luck getting all the states! That modern technology! Sorry about all the exclamation points...

Chris said...

Pretty sure that "Rhode Island" was my referral! Is there a referral bonus? Kidding. Incidentally, "An Eye Opener" just came up in my random rotation just as I stumbled onto your blog entry in my rss reader. Cool, no?

Hipwader Tito said...

Way to go! It's good to see great ideas when marketing indie kids music.
Extra points for you if you get the US Territories: Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands,American Samoa & Guam!